Planning a Fishing Trip in Auckland?

It’s New Zealand’s largest city but it’s also the country’s largest water playing field, surrounded by beaches, a harbour teaming with fish and a gateway to a range of places known for a day or more of deep sea fun. If you’re planning a fishing trip in Auckland you’ll have no problem finding a company that can help you have the time of your life, no matter your level of expertise. In fact it’s a sport that is accessible to a whole range of ages and levels of fitness.

If you want to give your children a day out they’ll remember forever, it’s an excellent option. Alternatively chartering a boat to take out a group of your best mates or to treat a few of your favourite clients is also an option.

If you are a committed fisherman and have your own equipment you may prefer to bring it along for yourself. Sometimes we can get used to the different nuances of a rod, and using someone else can throw off your game a little. However a boat hire should also include everything you’ll need for the day including all your gear, tackle and of course all the safety equipment you’ll need.

If you’re planning to party it up a little once you’ve left the wharf, you can expect all the supplies to be included for this as well. If you prefer to cater for it yourself, you certainly can though there is often an additional charge for this.

Taking a fishing trip in Auckland is a perfect way to escape the busy city life without having to be trapped in a car or plane to do so. You’ll feel the pressures of the week melt away the further you get from the shore and there is nothing like being out so close to the elements – the sun, the sea and the breeze. It is a good idea to pack clothes to fit in with a wide variety of weather as it can be difficult to gauge conditions from the city. You will need a good wind breaker or jacket at the very least. A good sunscreen and a sun hat will keep the sun off you sufficiently.

Once your fishing trip in Auckland is over you’ll hopefully have some fantastic memories of your day, some tall stories and just possibly you may have caught the big one!