Choosing the Best Protein Bars for Hiking Trips

Hiking is a great hobby and physical pastime that can not only help you stay in shape, but that can take you to some great places and incredible views. Getting out into the great outdoors is fantastic both by yourself and with someone else or a group of people, but no matter how many people you are with, you know that when you’re hiking, you should try to keep the amount of items you’re backpacking to a minimum. After all, you don’t want to be so weighed down that you’re completely exhausted when you reach your destination! Protein bars are a great option, but choosing the best protein bars can be a bit of a trick.

Not all bars are created equal, so you will want to pay attention to the labeling on the package. Each protein bar is formulated differently and will cater to different needs, depending on what it is you are looking for. A lot of what you are looking for in a protein bar will be dictated by how long you plan on hiking and what kind of hike it is going to be.

Straight protein bars are packed with absolutely nothing but protein, which is great for body builders. These bars are also the best types if you’re going for a very long hike. You’ll be relying quite a bit on your muscles, and they’ll need to be replenished with protein to heal after all the work you put them through!

Other bars, such as meal replacement bars, also include carbs and fats in addition to protein. If you’re going to be out for a whole day on a hike, but want to keep the weight of your supplies low, meal replacement bars are the best protein bars in this situation. You may even want to combine these with the complete protein bars in order to get your meals in and still have a snack.

If you are using a bar as a meal replacement, you’ll want the protein content to be somewhere in the 10 to 15 gram range, and you will actually want something more than 250 calories. While you may think that’s a lot to be consuming in one bar, keep in mind that you’re hiking and burning off quite a bit of calories, as well as working your muscles on an almost constant basis. You will actually need these calories and those proteins, so don’t go thinking that any old diet bar will do!

Keeping the weight of your supplies to a minimum can make hiking that much easier and will allow you to travel farther, because you’re not wearing yourself out with the weight of your supplies. Just keep in mind that the best protein bars for hiking trips will pack a higher calorie content as well as a high protein content. In order to make it through a long hike, you will absolutely need all the fuel you can get!