Cape Lodge – Margaret River’s Finest Hotels

If you are looking for Margaret River hotels to stay at, you need to look no further than Cape Lodge. Situated on its own private vineyard in the heart of the pristine Margaret River wine region, this luxury hotel attracts travelers who are in search of a sophisticated, stylish and private retreat, as well as those who wish to try out excellent cuisine and wine that Margaret River hotels are known for.

Cape Lodge features 22 romantically secluded guest rooms, an old-fashioned two-bedroom cottage and an excellent five-bedroom luxury Residence. Regardless of your needs and taste, the hotel has something to suit you. The hotel was listed in Conde Nast Traveler’s “World’s Best 100 Hotels” Gold List in 2008 and ranked Luxury Travel Magazine’s Best Boutique Hotel in Australia in 2009. Once you experience all the facilities and services of a world class boutique hotel, you will realize why Cape Lodge is a five star hotel.

They have an on site restaurant sitting over the lake and featuring a comfy guest lounge, private dining room and over-water spacious alfresco dining. The restaurant was voted in the Top 10 in the World for Food by Conde Naste Traveler’s Gold Listand is recognized as one of the best new generation dining venues in Australia. The menu is changed every day based on local fresh produce. Cape Lodge has recently opened a Cooking School and Gourmet Retreat designed for food enthusiasts.

Their eight acre vineyard produces just enough Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc for guests staying at the hotel. The grapes are given the best organic viticulture and the finest treatment that includes dry farming methods, hand picked fruit and low yielding wines. The 14,000 bottle cellar at the restaurant features an extensive variety of premium back vintage and Margaret River wines that have been vigilantly stored in temperature controlled cellars.

Corporate Retreats

Like most other Margaret River hotels, Cape Lodge can arrange Incentive Events, Executive Meetings and Corporate Retreats. The lakeside restaurant with its function and meeting facilities has sufficient natural light and is located alongside a timber decking that overlooks the lake. A Boardroom has recently been added within the Main Lodge to cater to small groups. The accommodation also offers packages for Christmas, Easter and other occasions, making it one of the most sought-after Margaret River hotels.

Cape Lodge is centrally located to allow guests to explore everything that the region has to offer. Spectacular beaches, pristine coastline and the sparkling waters of the magnificent Indian Ocean are just minutes away. What’s more, the hotel is surrounded by wonderful wineries of Moss Wood, Vasse Felix, Cullen and Pierro. It is Cape Lodge’s ideal location that makes it stand out from other Margaret River hotels.

The Japanese Food Pyramid

Everyone knows what the food pyramid is. In the United States there is the US department of agriculture food-pyramid which details the healthier options for Western-style nutrition. The food pyramid is generally a graphic simulation of the food you should be eating from several different categories. The Japanese food pyramid is the same except that it deals with Japanese food.

The bottom section of the Japanese food pyramid includes all the grains that are available. It is exactly the same as the USDA version in the sense that you can eat 6 to 11 servings a day. Then there are two sections detailing the amount of fruits and vegetables that you can eat. The Japanese food pyramid has one section for vegetables which allows you to eat between 3 and 5 seconds per day and a section for fruits which allows between 2 and 4 servings per day. Going up one level there is two more sections, one section for dairy products and the other section for meat. The meat section also includes fish, crab, squid, and even bean curd. The final section, the top section of the Japanese food-pyramid, includes all the foods which are only to be used sparingly. This section is for fats, oils, and sweets.

The traditional Japanese cuisine offers excellent nutritional value. Although there is a large reliance on white rice as the staple substance, it does tend to bulk up the meal and has a value of keeping you full, there is very little nutritional value in its. You can always substitute the traditional white rice with the whole meal kind that you can get today.

Visit the Wonderful Country of Peru – Destination Tips Inside

Disney offers a wonderful family vacation to Peru, and for 9 days and 8 nights you get to see the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lima, as well as Cusco. Not only will you see much of the natural beauty of this country, take in some of the ancient history, but also get to see and experience the blend of cultures Peru offers. While this vacation package isn’t totally all inclusive, you and your family will enjoy 8 breakfast meals, 6 lunches, and five dinners, including the Pachamanca feast.

This is a traditional Andean feast, where you will not only learn the history behind this tradition, but also watch dances, and listen to ancient Incan stories performed by Teatro Sol y Luna.

This is just some of the things that you and your family will experience. You will go to the Center for Traditional Textiles, in Cusco. Here you will experience master weavers showing you their intricate weaving skills, and also learn to dye and spin reals alpaca wool. Experienced guides will also take your family down the Urubamba River on a raft, which has class one and two rapids. You also get a private guided tour of the Famous Machu Picchu, where you will spend a whole afternoon looking at these ancient and magnificent structures.

There are a few things to note about this vacation. One of them is that there is a minimum age requirement of four years old, however children eight and older is more suggested, in order to be able to understand more about this unique travel package. These vacations are pretty reasonable though, with adult prices ranging from $2,699-$3,779, and children from $2,429-$3,399. While to may this may be a bit more than they want to spend, considering all that is included.

Managing Cross Racial Marriages Within Extended Families

While not quite the mainstream, it is becoming more common these days to find marriages taking place between two racially diverse individuals who decide to tie the knot. Races have their own unique culture.

Here is the problem. And it is a harsh truth.

In order for the marriage to be successful, it is not enough that there is everlasting love between the husband and wife-to-be. It is essential that the families and close friends each has buy into the culture that sometimes divides the couple.

The boy and the girl (we are only dealing with hetrosexual unions for this article) may quite easily adapt to each other’s culture their race represents and values. They obviously love and care for each other. They have taken the big step having had a relationship for some time, maybe even lived with one another before marriage, and devised ways to minimize any conflict, misunderstanding or dislike for certain practices or values each other’s racia, cultural differences.

Here is an everyday example. In Asian societies, particularly in India and Pakistan, it is quite common–in fact expected–at a party for the genders to separate. Men will congregate one place, women in another. Even in today’s modern, non-sexist society, it is hard to find a true gender-blender, where men and women sit next to each other, drink together for an extended period.

Each culture is rich with its values, practices, and yes oddities–at least as observed by people who do not know or belong to that culture. How do you manage to impart functional understanding to your friends and family of the items–practices, rituals, beliefs and values–that makes up the core of your spouse’s culture?

It is not going to be easy. The worst thing you can do is to be over-optimistic about it and think “I come from a decent family, have decent, reasonable friends, all I have to do is get them to meet my spouse and it will be smooth sailing”. Unless you have history or facts to support that conclusion, it is like buying a lottery ticket and basing your retirement on its outcome!

For instance, your path may have been made smoother by another cross-cultural marriage in your family or amongst your friends. Assuming the person from another race or culture has been accepted as one of your own may be an excellent precedent that will enormously help you navigate your relationship amongst your family and friends.

But what if you are a pioneer in this area? Here are some practical tips you can plan and follow.

=Unless you or your partner want to isolate your self from each of the families, make an effort to understand your partners culture, practices and ancestry. Mix with them.
=food is a wonderful unifier. You will be surprised how many similarities exists in foods.
=Religion can be a sour spot, so bring it front and center with your partner. As you become parents, you want your children to adapt both religions.
=Give respect to your elders.